About us

Welcome to The ShirtShow. We’re not sure it’s a good thing that the name still fits, but either way, we’re really glad you’re here.

At the intersection of Freedom & Fashion, The ShirtShow is a lifestyle brand, bringing products to market worthy of your hard-earned money.

We are excited to offer politely political, sometimes snarky, but never woke goods made just for you.

In true American Style, our refined designs allow you the freedom to tastefully share your values and give a voice to those who feel silent. And rest assured, they want us to be silent.

Nervous about letting your lion out? Don’t be. There’s more common ground than you think. They just suppress the truth and hype the lies to breed fear in American hearts. Have faith and step boldly into the battle to save America.

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We proudly source premium items from reputable and responsible wholesalers. Our products are made to order and are of excellent quality. We are made in America by an American.

Thank you and enjoy!



Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion to help others compelled Jennifer to start her own company. In June of 2020, she started The ShirtShow to help one man and that has lead her on a journey she never could have imagined.

It only takes a spark…

After baptism by fire in the pits of American politics, fending off bogus attacks from so-called journalists, being canceled, demonetized, and all sorts of other fun stuff, she emerges like a phoenix from the ashes — stronger, smarter, and more powerful.

It’s hard to say what she’ll be working on any given day, but it’s sure to include creating merchandise for The ShirtShow and planning her next venture.

She blogs too. Just her own thoughts and opinions. Agree or disagree, Jen knows she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 🤷‍♀️



Attitude is everything.

Ours is grounded in the understanding that all people are free to express their values, views, or beliefs. Don’t like something? Move on. It’s not your job to change some one else’s mind. That’s called a waste of time. Don’t waste time.

Now, let’s talk purpose. We all have one in this life. Sure, it may seem some people are on a mission to push you to the brink of insanity, but let it go. Life is short. Live it well.

Faith is key. It brings hope. Whether it’s hope for a better America or, let’s say, winning an election, find something in which to believe. That’s called integrity. Get some.

In case you didn’t notice, we’ve got an attitude. If you're not feeling it, do yourself a favor and revisit paragraphs two and three. Because this is #America, and that’s how we roll.