Staying Sane in a Sea of News: A Conservative's Response to Information Shaming

Staying Sane in a Sea of News: A Conservative's Response to Information Shaming

In today's fast-paced world, staying informed feels like a full-time job. The constant barrage of headlines, breaking news alerts, and social media updates can be overwhelming. For many conservatives, this information overload is compounded by a phenomenon known as "information shaming." This occurs when individuals are criticized or belittled for not being up to the minute on every topic or for not having an encyclopedic knowledge of current events. It's important to push back against this trend and recognize the unique challenges we face in staying informed.

Each of Us Has Been Put on Earth for a Purpose

First and foremost, it's essential to remember that each of us has a distinct purpose and calling. We all contribute to society in different ways, whether it's through raising a family, running a business, serving in the military, or countless other pursuits. Expecting everyone to be experts on every news topic is unrealistic and unfair. Our diverse roles and responsibilities shape our priorities and determine how we allocate our time and energy.

The Expertise of Those Who Have Served

Those who have served in the military and reached high ranks possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that civilians may never fully understand. Military service provides unique insights into geopolitics, strategy, and national security that are not easily grasped by those without similar backgrounds. It's unreasonable to expect civilians to have the same depth of understanding on these topics. Many military experts work tirelessly to share their knowledge, posting detailed information to educate us on what to look for and what certain things mean in various contexts, and their efforts should be appreciated.

The Ever-Changing News Landscape

The news cycle is relentless and ever-changing. Stories break, evolve, and are replaced by new headlines at a dizzying pace. Keeping up with every detail is nearly impossible, especially for those juggling multiple responsibilities. While it's important to stay informed about the major events that impact us all, we must also recognize the need to unplug occasionally. Taking time to connect with nature or other activities we enjoy is crucial to maintain perspective. Staying updated is important, but balance is key.

Media Narratives and Misinformation

One of the significant challenges in staying informed is the way media outlets craft narratives. Media bias and skewed information are real concerns that conservatives often grapple with. News organizations sometimes present information in ways that align with their ideological leanings, which can misinform or mislead the public.

The media on the left often suppresses the truth to control narratives, omitting valid stories with a "nothing to see here, folks" approach; and all sides dramatize topics, which is also exhausting. We could use some straightforward news coverage, like the kind Walter Cronkite delivered. Recognizing this bias and seeking out multiple sources for a more balanced perspective is crucial, but can add to the complexity of staying informed.

The Decline of Credible Sources

The erosion of credible news sources is another pressing issue. As media landscapes shift, the availability of reliable information is dwindling. Many news outlets have succumbed to sensationalism to attract clicks and views, further muddying the waters. For conservatives, finding trustworthy sources that provide accurate and unbiased reporting is becoming increasingly difficult, which exacerbates the information overload problem. News organizations also suppress and omit important information or complete stories. We must be vigilant in our quest for truth.

Inundation of Stories

The sheer volume of stories we are exposed to daily makes it tough to discern what is truly important. Not all news is created equal, and distinguishing between significant developments and trivial updates is a skill in itself. This inundation can lead to decision fatigue, where the effort to keep up with news becomes mentally exhausting. It’s crucial to develop a filtering mechanism that allows us to focus on news that genuinely impacts our lives and communities. We must also be careful not to circulate fake news or sensationalized pieces designed to direct our attention away from what is truly important.

Decades of Conditioning

Americans have been conditioned by decades of psychological operations (PSYOPS), marketing strategies, lies, and cover-ups. This long-term exposure to manipulated information has blurred the lines between reality and fiction. The result is a population that is skeptical and often cynical about the news they consume. The media on the left suppresses the truth in many situations to control narratives, and all sides dramatize topics, making it exhausting. For conservatives, this means a heightened awareness of the potential for deception and a more critical approach to media consumption.

Rejecting the "Know-It-All" Attitude

Taking the position that you know it all and that others are ignorant or stupid is not helpful, to say the least. This attitude creates an environment where people are afraid to admit gaps in their knowledge or ask questions, which hampers collective understanding and growth. It’s a form of silencing. Instead, we need to value the different perspectives and knowledge bases that each person brings. Arrogance shuts down productive conversations and prevents us from learning from one another. We need to focus on having direct, respectful dialogues that foster true understanding.

Finding Balance and Maintaining Sanity

So, how can conservatives stay sane in this sea of news and information? It starts with recognizing our limitations and setting realistic expectations for ourselves. We must accept that we can't know everything and that it's okay to focus on the issues that matter most to us personally and professionally.

Developing a routine for consuming news can help manage the flow of information. Setting aside specific times for checking the news and social media can prevent burnout. Additionally, curating a list of trusted sources and diversifying the types of media consumed can provide a more balanced perspective.


With all of this, is it any wonder why most Americans just don’t get involved? As conservatives, we must push back against information shaming. By curating our news consumption and dissemination with facts and truth, while valuing the diverse knowledge bases each person brings, we create platforms where we respect each other's contributions and avoid the pitfalls of arrogance and shaming. This fosters an environment that encourages more people to join the conversation, strengthening our collective knowledge and building a more united conservative movement.

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Great read. I agree it’s so important to remember that we’re all swimming through a sea of lies and deception daily, and to it’s important to find the things that bind us, and we can do that by giving each other grace. No one knows everything or gets everything right.

N Swan

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