Spewing Rainbows: Pride Month Sparks a Technicolor Tussle Over the Sunshine Skyway

Spewing Rainbows: Pride Month Sparks a Technicolor Tussle Over the Sunshine Skyway

Reflecting on Tone and Tolerance in Journalism

In a recent Tampa Bay Times column, Stephanie Hayes employs a decidedly sardonic tone to address what she perceives as the over-sensitivity of those who oppose the the Skyway Bridge getting lit up by the rainbow color scheme for a week during Pride month. The use of terms like "big babies" and "grown toddlers" to describe adults with differing views on the symbolic use of rainbows not only highlights an abrasive approach but also ironically reflects the kind of meltdown her writing criticizes.

Perhaps the most notable part of the story is Hayes’ use of the term “snowflakes.” This term is used derisively to suggest fragility among conservatives, yet it comes from someone representing a generation that famously advocated for safe spaces and cry rooms. This not only underscores their own emotional delicacy but also reveals a striking irony. Hayes' generation helped pioneer the very concepts of emotional safety they now mock. This raises questions about self-awareness and whether the criticism truly reflects an understanding of her own cultural backdrop.

Moreover, to suggest that not illuminating a bridge for a week in Pride month amounts to “bringing down an entire community event” seems overly dramatic. It's worth noting that not everyone in the community may appreciate her described “prismatic harbinger of human understanding” adorning a publicly funded structure. Such a statement undermines and directly contradicts the entire point of the article — a need for more inclusive dialogue that respects various perspectives on public displays of support or celebration. Not very woke.

Hayes' contradictory stance—scolding others for their emotional outbursts while herself employing hyperbolic language—weakens her argument. This clear inconsistency highlights the irony of her position and detracts from the legitimacy of her points. The #woke tone suggests a need for a more measured and empathetic approach to engaging with different viewpoints to foster genuine dialogue. But who are we kidding? Her only intention is to project a sense of benevolence and garner attention through virtue signaling.

Perhaps, as Hayes flippantly suggests, maybe she just needs a mental health day. Such introspection might just prevent the next public outburst—whether it comes adorned in rainbows or not. ✌️

Conservatives everywhere might want to thank Manatee County Commission Chairman Mike Rahn for prioritizing American Pride over that of a specific group. As Hayes wittily noted, “As they cruise over Florida’s bridges this summer, they will not be forced to gaze upon any color scheme involving pink and indigo…” Instead, they can “turn the focus toward a 6% savings on coolers, tackle boxes and small grills.” A safe space, indeed.

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